Home Seller Tips: Renovate or Sell As Is for Cash

When selling your building, despite the different reasons that have pushed you to decide to sell, you need first to know whether you want to sell it as it is or renovate it. The two options have different benefits and negative aspects, which, according to the position you find yourself in, guide you to make the right decision, putting you in a better place to meet your goals for selling your home. Renovating the building enables you to improve the building’s look and feel, giving you an edge over similar properties in your area. On the other hand, the renovations are very costly and time-consuming, which can delay the sales process. Selling the home gives you the following benefits:  

Fewer costs – While some sellers pay to stage their homes and spruce up curb appeal, selling a house as-is means less pressure to make a property look perfect. That translates to less of a ding on your bank account.

A faster path – Rather than waiting for repairs to be finished, you can immediately put your house up for sale and start showing it.

Smoother closing – Assuming your buyer has the funds (or access to a loan), you can go to contract — and eventually, finish day — without many contingency clause negotiations. (1)

There are several things that you need to consider that can guide you in making the right decision whether to sell as is or do a renovation. The different things to consider include the following: 


Selling a home is timely depending on the reason that pushes you to sell it, whether it is a work relocation, divorce, or more. Your deadline should guide you to make the right decision so that you do not miss your deadline. If you have a short deadline, then selling it is the best way to go since you need to avoid going through the hustle of doing repairs and staging the property. If you have the time, you can renovate the damaged areas and give the building a stunning look, increasing the building’s value and appeal. Also, the renovation provides your property with an edge over the other Sell My House Fast Cincinnati and gives you more weight than selling it as it is. 


Cost is a significant factor to consider when making the decision, mainly because the reason why you are selling the property is a money issue. Renovations and remodeling can be very costly, given all that needs to be done to provide the property with a beautiful look that makes it stand out and attract potential buyers. You need to ask yourself whether it is cheaper to renovate the home or sell it in its current condition. The things that guide the cost decision are the property mortgage and the savings you have—dealing as it adds money to your pocket while the renovation takes money out of your pocket, so this will guide you well, depending on your reasons for selling. 

Real Estate Market

When deciding to sell your home, it is essential to understand the market to know when to list your building. We buy houses in Cincinnati and advice that you see the market position and the different properties in the market position once it is safe to list your property. The next thing to determine is whether to renovate or sell, as it depends on the different properties in the market. Selling a property as is in a market total of renovated properties puts you in a disadvantaged position and can delay the entire sell my house fast Florence KY process. On the other hand, selling a renovated house in a market with a total of homes sold in their exact position gives you an edge over the other sellers. The market gives you clear guidance on the way to go. 

Quick Cash

Going for a sale is a good option if you need quick cash because it has a short closing time and a straightforward process. Once you get a cash buyer and accept the offer, the remaining parts of the process flow seamlessly without any hitches. You can get cash in your pocket in less than two weeks. On the other hand, renovating the home is a process that involves getting the pictures taken, listing the property in the market, and negotiating with buyers, all of which take time before the process is completed. Additionally, it would help if you had a cash for house Cincinnati realtor to guide you through the procedures to enable a seamless process that meets your goals. 

Reasons for Selling

Several reasons push a homeowner to sell the home, and depending on the cause, it can guide you to sell the house as is or renovate it first. There are different reasons, including retirement, divorce, foreclosure, and more, and depending on the cause, your work gets simplified on how to sell the house. We buy houses in Florence, KY, and guide that if you need cash to relocate, then selling the home in its current condition is the best way to go, whereas if you have enough funds, you can renovate the building. The fast nature of the sell-as-is process enables you to get quick cash to relocate quickly without any financial strains that give you a hard time. 


Your home is your most prized possession, the place you laid your head to rest, and the roof you provided to keep your family safe and comfortable. It would help if you made the right choice when selling your home to avoid losing your home value and failing to meet the goals and objectives for selling your property. The points highlighted above are a few things you can consider when deciding how to sell your property to get more from the process. Properly evaluating the different options and with the guidance of a professional realtor, you get to have a simple and stress-free sales process. Additionally, you earn money fast in your pocket to enable you to continue with your life.

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